‘I spy’ walk number one

OK so bear with me here – I honestly haven’t lost the plot….

A while back I bought a fab book called ‘How to be an Explorer of the World’ by Keri Smith. It encourages you to look at the world around you, note the things that you see and ‘collect’ them – explore the ordinary. I’ve always been meaning to do something with this so here is the first in a number of ‘I spy’ walks. I have no idea why I thought lamposts would make a good topic to start with – the inspiration just came to me as I was driving to work last week – however once you start noticing them, you begin to realise that they are actually very much ignored works of public art! So here they are…

You see? No? Ok, well I decided to trawl through some holiday photos and it turns out that I have a bit of an obsession for lamposts…..



Anyway, that was ‘I spy’ Walk 1 – I need some ideas for Walk 2 and have no idea what the theme will be so if you have any ideas, I’d love to read them!

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5 thoughts on “‘I spy’ walk number one

  1. Clare on said:

    i had a whole thing for pylons and train lines. Also interesting circular objects.
    Or what about the hidden beauty of Dundee? There`s lots of little spots that are so overlooked, specially round the Uni?

  2. The hidden beauty of Dundee would be a good one, there are some fabulous old buildings that people never notice. On the lamp post topic, have you been to Barcelona? You’d love the lamp posts there!

  3. What about ‘I Spy’ fences? The wrought iron ones are especially lovely when entwined with flowering vines, ivy, etc.

  4. Loving all these ideas – plans are formulating…..

  5. Rachie on said:

    I spy Chimney pots….and I recognise some of those photos I think…happy memories!

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