A Wellbeing MOT

I’m really interested in the connection between happiness and wellbeing and am a member of the Action for Happiness group. Their website is full of interesting resources and ideas; they also have a Facebook page and recently put up a picture of this poster. I love this poster because I think it sums up perfectly how we should live our lives so I now have a copy at home and one at work (you can get your own copy here)! For this post I thought I would give myself a wellbing MOT for the week, using the poster for guidance. Here’s how I did….

Connect – I came across these lovely, summery postcards and really wanted to use them so I have sent them to people that I haven’t seen in a while – they should be getting them through their door any time now! They had a sunshine effect on the lady behind the counter in the Post Office who wanted to know where I’d got them, so I have even spread some happiness with a random person!

Take Notice –I went for a walk at lunchtime and it was a dry, almost sunny, day on Wednesday. Grass was being cut and smelled fabulous in the warmth. It’s a pretty simple thing but definitely one which lifts the spirits!

Keep Learning –

This week I had a taster session of learning to play the Ukelele – it was brilliant and I’m now off to buy one (they’re not expensive). I don’t have a photo of the lesson so I’ve posted this video of a child prodigy from YouTube – scary!

Give –I took in some home-baking (thanks to the Patient Mama) to work on Monday morning. The weather was still miserable so we needed something to perk us up for the week ahead. The cakes in the picture aren’t the ones that I took in: I made these on an earlier occasion but thought the photo fitted this post perfectly!

Be Active –Finally I went for a long walk on Tuesday evening because it was still sunny and I’d spent a lot of the day driving. I headed down to the river and took the camera. This was the view as I started. And this was the view as I was coming home….

I love this photo! You really don’t get much better in life than an evening sunset over the water. It makes me feel great just looking at it.

What have you done this week to keep well and happy? I’d love to know!

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8 thoughts on “A Wellbeing MOT

  1. this is an ACE post. thankyou Busy Thistle. I printed off the poster as a reminder. Today I tried a Pilates class at Heal at City Quay Dundee for the first time and even though I doubt i ll become a Pilates guru it was great to try something new and connect with the new people in the class

    • Thank you! I hoped it would inspire people a little and it’s always good to connect with new people – makes life way more interesting!

  2. What an uplifting post! Printing the poster now…

  3. Bec on said:

    Hey guess what I got in the post?! Thank you!! It did the job and cheered me up when I got home as the weather is horrible! Thank you x

  4. Rachie on said:

    My bank holiday weekend plan 😉 Thank you xxxxx

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