The joy of a ‘to do’ list!

Last night I felt overwhelmed by the number of things to do around the flat and the number of craft projects half-finished or not yet started, so I did the thing that I do best…..wrote down a ‘to do’ list!

I write lists at home, at work, when I’m out and about. I love being able to sort out my thoughts and then work through things. There’s also a great satisfaction when you are able to cross off all the things on your list. Am I alone in this or are you a serial list writer too? I never throw out a notebook and I always date my lists (except I haven’t done it in this case I notice!), so they provide a bit of a social history of my life. For example, I know what I bought and made for Christmas 2010, the clothes I took away on holiday in July 2009 and the practical things that needed doing to the flat in 2008. So now I have to tackle all the things on this list and I’ll be putting quite a lot of these things up on the blog. I’ve also made a list of people I need to call, meet up with, send a letter to, or email, because again it’s so easy to let these things slip when you’re working and managing life in general! The danger is that you make a list about finishing previous lists! Madness! Please tell me I’m in good company!

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4 thoughts on “The joy of a ‘to do’ list!

  1. I can’t live without lists, I love a good list! I have 4 on the go at the moment 🙂

  2. Clare on said:

    I should write more lists but I could write a list about the lists I should write. But I probably won`t and continue to forget everything. Want a list of things to do when you come visit?

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