Craft: from inferior cereal box to superior gift!

I have three bags for seperating the household recycling and it feels that no sooner are they emptied than they are full again. One of the worst culprits are cereal boxes. I was looking for a quick craft project and came across this idea for a pencil case on the Craft Magazine website; it combines the need to do something with cereal boxes with the need of the quick project and I thought it was pretty cool. The full template and instructions can be found here.

First you open out a box and then trace the outline of the template onto the card, including the lines for folding.

Cut out the template then use a metal rule and a pair of scissors ( or something else) to score across the folding lines. This makes folding it up a lot easier, it will hold the shape better and the folds will be crisp.

Finally the instructions advise you to stick it together with normal tape, however I used double-sided for a neater finish. Attach sticky velcro patches to the flap at the top and hey presto, you have a pencil case! I thought it could make a neat little gift for a child or a good luck present for a friend about to start a new uni/college course.

I thought I’d end by putting in a taster photo of the living room. Fingers crossed I get the sofas this week and pictures and shelves up at the weekend so there’ll be more photos next week.

The mirror had originally hung on the wall but I quite like the effect of it perched on top of the shelves; it’s nice to be able to see the flowers from all angles I think. I can see this becoming quite a useful display area in the future.

Hope you’re having a good week!

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  1. Hooray! Always looking for something new to do with a cereal box.

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