Day 9 – a literary-inspired dinner party

Last night I held dinner party for the people who had helped me decorate the living room to say thank you. It was a lovely evening; the conversation and the wine flowed – perfect!

The table setting was inspired by this month’s theme so I made more of the tealight jars covered in pages from ‘Emma’ and origami books for each person containing details of the menu for the evening.

The weekend so far has been a bizarre mixture of highs and lows and I’m really looking forward to a day to myself tomorrow, however last night was definitely a high. It reminded me of how much I enjoy entertaining and how valuable friends and family are – I must do more of it! Hope you’re having a good one!

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3 thoughts on “Day 9 – a literary-inspired dinner party

  1. Thank you so much. Everything was divine. I sincerely hope there will be only ‘highs’ and no ‘lows’ for you in the coming days!

  2. Love the theme for the party (and for the blog posts). We are always looking for new inspirations for our gatherings and I think a book theme is a wonderful concept!

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