Day 10 – a creative book review

Sunday is a day of rest, and I’ve decided that for once it is true so it’s a quick book review for today! Can’t believe though that I’m a third of the way through the challenge.

This book is great – it’s the one which inspired me to do the comic book covered soaps.

There is a great range of activities and gift ideas which are suitable for a range of skills. The sewing activities are quite simple and there are also some great ideas for car boot finds!

It would make a great gift in itself as it is such a pleasure to leaf through! Anyway I was watching a bit of Poirot last night and that has inspired me for my activities for today…..check out tomorrow’s post to find out what I get up to!

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4 thoughts on “Day 10 – a creative book review

  1. patient mama on said:

    Your blogs are quite amazing especially the variety of things you are doing all through books. The photographs too are great.

  2. Looks like a nice mix of beautiful photos and instruction. Wooo, cant wait to see what you did..!

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