Fun in the Sun in the UK

Apparently we are going to get a summer after all….

With this in mind, here’s a book which is a joy to dip in to from an adult’s perspective and aims to bring back the good old days of endless days rambling around in the countryside in the summer for children. Yes, it’s nostalgic and yes, in some cases the activities may seem a little too traditional, but the sentiment is great and it’s beautifully illustrated.

The first section consists of activities which can be done throughout the year. The book is then split by seasons. Here are a few sample pages of the Summer section:

I recently bought a vintage-esque coolbag in the Joules sale, with this vision in mind of hazy summer days and long picnics.The chances of it happening are slim but you can always live in hope, and this book provides you with numerous things to do on such an outing.

The National Trust have also recently launched a campaign to encourage children to explore the natural world called 50 things to do before you are 11 and three-quarters but I don’t see why use adults can’t give some of the activities a go too!

Let’s hope the weather changes and changes for the better for longer so that we can all get out there and do some exploring!

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