An Architectural Gem from the ‘Mad Men’ Era

It’s another busy week, involving quite a bit of travelling for work so a short post today Part of the travelling involved going to Hamilton, on the west side of Scotland. It’s not reknowned for being a must-see destination to be honest, and it has been hit hard by it’s close proximity to Glasgow however it does have some amazing architecture including this building…

Some people will look at this building and see ugliness, which is how I often view 60s and 70s architecture in Scotland however I love this building. I think it is a perfect example of everything right about design and architecture in the 60s and I can just imagine Don and Betty swanning in and out of it between cocktail lunches!

It’s actually the head offices of South Lanarkshire Council and was originally built in 1963. It was designed by a Lanark Council architect called D.G. Bannerman, and according to Wikipedia (so don’t trust reliabilty) it was influenced by the UN building in New York, which you can see, whether or not it’s true!

It sits atop a hill and I would imagine that the view from the 16th floor is amazing. Attached to the main block is the circular council chambers and then the surrounding area is landscaped with pools and fountains. It’s a jewel surrounded by ugliness to be honest but soars above it all. I don’t think the photo really does it justice but it is pretty impressive in real life!

Anyway I wouldn’t recommend people making a special effort to see it however if you are passing Hamilton on the M74 and fancy making a quick detour then let me know what you think.

Are there any hidden architectural gems near you that you think I should check out when I get a chance? Particularly keen on finding out about buildings which are situated in towns that are not reknowned for their beauty! Also does anyone else out there have a passion for 60s design and Mad Men – when is Series 5 going to be out on DVD?

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