Sewing Advice Needed!

Since the living room curtains, my sewing machine has been gathering dust. I just haven’t known what to make next. Then at the weekend I bought myself a simple pencil skirt pattern and some metres of fabric in the John Lewis sale. The patterned fabric is going to be turned into a table cloth for my farewell-summer-hello-autumn dinner party whilst the purpl fabric underneath is going to become a fab skirt for the new season….I hope.

Before I embark on this I wondered if there were any useful sewing tips out there, particularly concerning the mysterious world of sewing patterns? All advice gratefully received!

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3 thoughts on “Sewing Advice Needed!

  1. patient mama on said:

    As nobody has, as yet, left a reply, I’ll add my bit. I tend to make things a size bigger than my dress size as I find the seam allowances a bit nippet and if you make it too small there is little you can do about it. You can always take a bit in if it comes out too big. I cut corners but I suggest you do mark the darts rather than what I do, which is a messing about with pins and a great deal of hope!. I can show you how to do it properly if you want.

  2. creative pixie on said:

    I agree with patient mama – always give a bigger seam than the pattern allows cause I find the pattern sizes smaller than they should be. Also it may be worth making a paper or scrap fabric version to see if the sizing is correct. Also marking the darts is a must. I’m quite bad in that when I make clothes I get quite impatient and want to do it all in 1 sitting. It may be best to cut the pattern in 1 go, cut the fabric in another go and finally sew it all together; that way you shouldn’t get frustrated with it as that’s when mistakes can happen.
    All the best with your project, I look forward to seeing the finished results.

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