An inspiring exhibition of books

On Saturday I went to the Central Library in Dundee and viewed this amazing exhibition of book sculptures. What makes them really fascinating is that they have been made by an anonymous artist who wanted to highlight the importance of books, text, libraries and ideas in our lives, things which cannot be subsituted by technology completely. The artist created 10 sculptures in all and then sent them to various creative and literary institutions in Edinburgh with little cryptic notes attached. The one above was sent to the Edinburgh Unesco City of Literature Trust.

This one now belongs to the National Library of Scotland.

These were both sent to the Scottish Poetry Library.

I loved this one, based on Jekyll and Hyde and very spooky. It is now owned by The Writers’ Museum.

The Scottish Storytelling Centre are now the proud owners of this little dragon!

Now owned by Edinburgh Filmhouse – those are paper horses jumping out of the screen toward the audience!

This one is entitled ‘Tea, cake and a book’ and was sent to the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

The attention to detail is phenomenal and apparently the artist claims that they hadn’t made a book sculpture before until this set were created. This one is was sent to the Central Library in Edinburgh.

And finally this one, which is my absolute favourite and was based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’….

Dinosaur ROAR! The National Museum of Scotland now own this character!

The exhibition is currently touring libraries in Scotland, with its next stop being Wigtown from the 28th September, followed by the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, Carnegie Library in Dunfermline and finally the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh. If you can’t visit the exhibition there is a book that can be bought online called ‘The Tale of 10 Mysterious Book Sculptures GIFTED to the City of Words and Ideas’ – that’ll be going on my Wishlist I think!

Whoever is responsible has certainly made an impression, not only highlighting the value of books but also of institutions which rely heavily on external funding to exist. I was not aware of some of the owners of these sculptures until this exhibiotion but I’ll certainly be checking out their websites now and keeping updated on their activities!

I know there are lots of photos to get through in this post, however I was so inspired by the exhibition and really wanted to share the sculptures with you. It was also too difficult to choose which ones to show – do you have a favourite?

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17 thoughts on “An inspiring exhibition of books

  1. Thanks. Awesome.

  2. creative pixie on said:

    These are amazing. I particularly like the horses jumping out of the book and the tea cup one. Well done to the artist whoever they are.

  3. Year of Living Craftily on said:

    Thank you so much for sharing these! Beautiful and inspiring 🙂

  4. They are wonderful, aren’t they? I’ve only seen a couple in the flesh, but they are absolutely beautiful. I am dying to know who the artist is!

  5. Very interesting to promote books

  6. wow, they are amazing! That would have made for some wonderful lunch break escapism had I still been working at Holland and Barrett. Oh Wellgate, how I miss you!!

  7. Books that are art too!?! It couldn’t get better! My two interests combined in a beautiful mashup. I loved this, thank you!

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