An apple a day!

There’s a lovely, crisp chill in the air at the moment and it’s apple season which has inspired a simple craft project and a tasty crumble.

First to the craft project. I found an old jute bag which was in need of sprucing up! Using an old checked shirt and the art of applique I transformed it into rather a natty gift bag!

I decided to fill it with a tasty bottle of organic cider and some apple print glasses – a nice alternative to taking round a bottle of wine as a gift. The other option would be to fill it with some jars of homemade chutney – Nigella has a recipe for a very tasty apple chutney in her book ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’.

All this, and the autumnal walk on Saturday, got me in the mood for a simple, no-frills, apple crumble. Here’s a ‘before’ picture:

And here’s an ‘after’ picture (with lashings of cream)!

I’d forgotten how easy a crumble is to make and how tasty it is for minimal effort! Think there will be more versions of this occurring in the coming months! Do you have a favourite version of this dish that you think I should try?

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10 thoughts on “An apple a day!

  1. Caroline on said:

    Rhubarb crumble is yum!

  2. Year of Living Craftily on said:

    Now I am craving crumble! My go-to recipe is oatmeal cookie-like on top. And I freely admit to doubling the topping…my favorite part! 🙂

  3. Cute jute! One of the 3 pillars of Dundee!

  4. Lovely blog and lovely to meet you! I adore apples (and apple crisp and apple crumble). And your little apple tote is so cute! Great idea!

  5. It’s a rainy day down here, so we have the fire on, have just eaten a Sunday roast, and you inspired me to make a blackberry and apple cobbler. Yum x

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