Some inspiration from Leonardo!

At the weekend I went to see an exhibition of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, on display in the local gallery, McManus, courtesy of the Royal Collection. The gallery is the only Scottish venue for this exhibition and I would thoroughly recommend a vist. There are 10 drawings on display, and you can get up really close to them to see all the detail. They cover a range of subjects from inventions, warfare and apocalyptic imaginings to portraits, costume design and anatomical drawings. It’s not a large exhibition but it is perfect for beginning to get to grips with the skills of the famous artist.

I came away thoroughly inspired and decided to do a drawing a day using black pen and paper. Thought I’d put the results up here!

I must draw more often; I find it a completely absorbing activity and using the black pen encourages you to just go for it, instead of always striving for perfection using pencil and rubber.

How’s your week going? As ever I look forward to Friday evening and what the weekend holds in store. I get pretty tired through the week though I have been trying to make my evenings productive, through drawing and other craft activities. What do you do to stave off the desire to slump in front of the TV every night?

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3 thoughts on “Some inspiration from Leonardo!

  1. Lovely drawing, great foot! I always surprise myself when I get round to having a doodle. I’m hoping to be up in Dundee by Weds so definitely popping to the McManus. {Plus I have to go visit Rosetti’s Dante’s Dream in Victoria Gallery for my fix}.

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