Winter Garden

I bought a copy of this months’ The Simple Things Magazine to entertain me during the train journeys to and from London; the ethos of the magazine is to celebrate the simple things in life and appreciate what we have, and there is a good mixture of interesting articles, inspiring photographs and great activities to try out at home. This month contains an article about terrariums and with not having any outdoor space, this seemed like the ideal project to have a go at!

I bought the glass vase in B&Q for a fiver and had the compost and grit already. The succulents can be bought in most garden shops and vary in price from 50p to £2 – brilliant gardening on a budget! When buying your plants think about different shapes, sizes and textures – I love the geometric nature and solidness of these little plants, and they are so easy to look after!

Ideally you should put big pebbles at the bottom for drainage. In containers which you can’t see through I tend to use bits of polystyrene however this wasn’t going to work in this case and I didn’t have pebbles so….I decided to use the bottom of a plastic bottle. Goodness knows if this will work or not but I figure I’m recycling and it is also very light.

On top of this I added compost and then arranged and planted the succulents. They don’t need watered very often however I added a layer of grit to help retain a bit of moisture for those days (months) when I forget and also it is aesthetically-pleasing!

I really enjoyed putting this together and it was quick and easy. Mine is now sitting on the dressing table however I was thinking that this would be an ideal house-warming gift for someone, particularly if you are on a budget. I think I may well be making a few more in the coming months!

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