Friday Night is Music Night

The nights are definitely drawing in and at the weekend the clocks go back! It’s snowed today so there’s no escaping autumn and winter now!

This usually means more nights in front of the television, however I have decided to try and up the number of occasions that I switch off the television and switch on the stereo instead, and actually listen to music rather than have it on as background noise. I’ve been digging out all sorts of CDs that I haven’t listened to in ages including classical, jazz and contemporary stuff, however one day I got a particular song in my head and it took me back down memory lane when life was simpler even though it didn’t feel like it at the time….back to my student days! I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you – get you in the mood for Friday evening and the weekend ahead!

This is the song that kicked this whole post off! Love it! Shed Seven and ‘Chasing Rainbows’. I also continually played the Longpigs album, ‘The Sun is Often Out’ and this was one of my favourite songs:

You must be beginning to guess which decade I was a student; Doc Martin Boots were the height of fashion!

And of course there has to be a Madonna track. I lived in Venice for a while and the only decent TV channel was MTV so I think we watched this video everyday and of course lusted after Goran Visnijc – incidently this was his big break before ER beckoned, though looking back at the video now, he does look a bit girly!

Finally I thought I would finish with a video of Robbie in his prime – I listened to his first two albums endlessly on a portable tape stereo thingy and have strong memories of my friends and I all plugged in to seperate devices whilst huddled up on the top deck of a ferry transporting us around the Venetian lagoon at some hideous time in the morning!

One of the best gifts I got as a student was a mixed tape from my best friend at Uni – I still have it however it isn’t playable anymore, but I keep it for sentimental value. I love writing posts like this because they tend to bring back happy memories that have been buried for years underneath the monotony of everyday life! Why don’t you take a moment to think back to those day…? Who were your favourite bands when you were in your late teens? What is your best music memory?

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2 thoughts on “Friday Night is Music Night

  1. Woah, Shed Seven! That takes me back. Oh and the Longpigs, Glastonbury memories of long ago! Best memory? Radiohead, that same Glasto {’97} just incredible. Knew I would never experience anything like it again, even while experiencing it!

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