Getting fit…the Busy Thistle way!

So tonight my good intentions of getting fit in 2013 have been foiled! A change of job last year meant that I went from being quite active to being quite deskbound, and whilst I think I burn off the calories through stress, that is not the way to be fit and healthy. 2013 is the year I get a bit fitter. I love walking but the weather keeps putting paid to that idea – over the festive season I did try, however within ten minutes I often ended up completely soaked through by the rain, so it wasn’t exactly enjoyable! I thought I’d try something different.

1920s (2)In a fit of drunken enthusiasm at a wedding during the Christmas period, as I was strutting my stuff on the dance floor, I decided that I would get fit through dance, and not any type of dance. Charleston dancing to be precise! What sparked this moment of genius goodness only knows however the next day I looked up Charleston dance lessons in Scotland and actually found it was possible to do! Admittedly I do have to travel through to Edinburgh once a week, which in terms of finances, makes it quite an expensive way to exercise however I’ve done one class at the Dancebase so far and I loved it!

1920s (1)The minute the music comes on, I’m smiling, far better than non-descript dance tracks for aerobics. It’s high energy and at times you can end up looking like a waddling duck, however it is fun. I read in a newspaper that the reason people give up good intentions to get fit in the New Year is because they actually haven’t found a form of exercise that they actually enjoy – I’m hoping I’ve found mine! Well I’ve signed up for a 12 week course so I’m committed to the next three months anyway. It’s also a great excuse to be in Edinburgh regularly and check out the vintage and craft shops along the way!

Back to tonight however and I have been thwarted. I thought I would supplement my weekly 1920s session with a class in Dundee. You can do ballet, salsa or scottish country however I thought I would give the Zumba a go, starting tonight. Got there to find out it had been cancelled! Typical! So I’m here, writing instead! I’ll try again next week but in the meantime I think I’ll stick on my Caro Emerald CD and get some practice in on my swivelling technique in Charleston!

Have you made an exercise commitment in Janaury? If so, what is it and how are you getting on with it so far? Do you have any recommendations of things I should try out?

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  1. Love the track and the resolution! I want to take up surfing but I fear a little tricky in the Motherland…

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