Mother’s Day 2013 – Ooo la la!

Frenchafternoontea (8)It’s become tradition in the Busy Thistle headquarters to celebrate Mother’s Day by having afternoon tea. Until last year, we used to go out somewhere, however this means that we cannot have a glass of fizz so last year I made afternoon tea, thereby starting a new tradition! This year I decided to do a theme, and chose France, for no other reason than that it seemed like a good idea!

Inspiration was found in some coffee table books and recipe books, and then I drew a design of how I wanted my tea to look.

Frenchafternoontea (1) Frenchafternoontea (2)It was clear however, as I wrote out the list of ingredients that this was going to require more work than I’d bargained for!

Frenchafternoontea (3)I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday morning baking with mixed results; the ham and olive cake was a disaster so I quickly rushed out a batch of brie and pecan scones which filled the bill, and also made some ham and mustard sandwiches. It was the first time I have made madeleines and macaroons; the madeleines were delicious, however the macaroons could have been done in a slightly cooler over. I made up the recipe for the Verrines mysel; the Tarte au Citron version consisted of crumbled shortbread, good quality lemon curd and vanilla cream, whilst the Black Forest version consisted of crumbled brownie, doused in Chambord, topped by cherry compote and more vanilla cream. I couldn’t fit the Verrines on the cake stand (which I’d made myself) so they had to go on a seperate tray. However the result was tasty in the end!

Frenchafternoontea (6) Frenchafternoontea (7)I also gave the Patient Mama an origami card and a fabulous coffee table book about the best afternoon teas in London, so we’re now on a mission to go to each one in the next ten years!

Frenchafternoontea (4) Frenchafternoontea (5)It was a lovely day and very relaxed in the end, helped along by the fizz of course! What did you do yesterday to celebrate? Must admit however that I have had my fill of sweet things what with this weekend and last, so am looking forward to putting away the baking tins for a wee while!


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5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2013 – Ooo la la!

  1. Looks lovely! How did you make your cake stand? Looks like a wine glass is involved….. I stole your afternoon tea idea and did the same for my mum only an easier theme! All mum’s favourites on a cake stand and a Daniel Craig Bond DVD for us to watch đŸ˜‰

    • I superglued a wine glass between two plates – looked great the first night but in the morning I awoke to discover the inside of the glass had clouded over. Not sure why….Love the idea of putting all your favourite cakes together!

  2. patient mama on said:

    It was fabulous. It has inspired me to have a go at macaroons some time as they were great. Already looking forward to next year and its theme!

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