A must visit….Lovely Things

Lovely Things (1)I don’t often write about particular shops but Lovely Things in Dundee definitely deserves a mention in the blog world! This is the place to go to if you need a gift for a friend, or something to brighten up your home, or for something to just perk you up when things are getting you down. It’s the perfect place for a browse and I can guarantee that you will come out with something beautiful regardlesss of your budget!

Lovely Things (8) Lovely Things (9) Lovely Things (10)This sort of shop is a bit of a rareity on the East Coast of Scotland and so is definitely worth supporting. Go in, take a look and have a chat with the owner Lynne Duffus – Lynne’s updates on Facebook are also worth signing up for as she posts about the joys of family life (with a comic touch), along with gorgeous photos of the latest finds for the shop.

Lovely Things (11) Lovely Things (13) Lovely Things (12)Over the last year I have bought myself a variety of treats from Lovely Things, and have also been given some beautifuls gifts from the shop! The journal in this post also comes from there!

Lovely Things (2) Lovely Things (7) Lovely Things (6) Lovely Things (5) Lovely Things (3)The silver cake stand/jewellery stand is my favourite – it looks so pretty on my dressing table! Lovely Things really is a place which deserves a visit, multiple visits, and I defy you not to come out smiling with a gorgeous pink or lime green paper bag in your hand bulging with goodies!

As for me, I am enjoying the first day of a holiday from the day-job. The sun is shining and I can physically feel the tension ease out of my body as I realise that I don’t have to rush around for the next wee while. Bliss! However, as always with the Busy Thistle, I have plenty of plans to execute and people to see so it should be a good one! Let’s hope the sunshine holds!

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