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Finally I have made it through to my summer break – I now have a blissful three weeks off from the day job! I love being on holiday! I love the anticipation of the holiday, followed by the actual holiday itself, and then preserving all those memories in some way so that I can go back and look at them whenever I am in need of escaping every day life! Photographs are the most obvious way of doing this but over the last couple of years I’ve started keeping holiday journals and I thought I’d show a few of them.

It all started with a journal that I put together following an amazing trip to New York – it was my first time in America and I was in total awe from start to finish, despite sleeping on some sofa cushions on a floor the entire time (though I was eternally grateful to my best mate who was working out there at the time and offering me free accommodation for ten days)!

Holiday Journal (10) Holiday Journal (9)I came home full of memories of parties amongst the rooftops of Manhattan, apocryphal preachers in Harlem, suicidal poets in Greenwich and acrobatic chipmunks in an Edward Hopper-style shack next to the beach in Cape Cod and amazing, amazing art, shopping and food. The memories had to be recorded somehow!

Since then I’ve kept a variety of journals for the different trips that I’ve made, though I’ve started to compile them whilst I am away rather than waiting till I get back.

Holiday Journal (2) Holiday Journal (4) Holiday Journal (3)I love the promise of a new notebook and filling it with words, pictures and doodles. I also love looking back at what I’ve written and laughing at myself and the memories. Last year was my epic trip to Vancouver and I was determined to capture every memory so I took a large notebook, and a pencil case filled with lots of stationery goodies, such as rainbow pens, tape glue, pencils and washi tape.

Holiday Journal (5) Holiday Journal (8) Holiday Journal (7) Holiday Journal (6)As you can see, I now like to start my journal before I head off, writing to-do lists and generally revelling in the excitement of some much-needed time off! And here is this year’s choice of notebook:

Holiday Journal (1)I was given it as a present and haven’t used it yet, waiting for the perfect reason to open its pages. This year I’m not planning major transatlantic adventures (credit card is still recovering from the last one) however I think you can make an adventure out of any experience and I intend to record every last minute in here! The other great things about this year is that my holidaying adventures won’t be over once the three weeks end; I have a weekend at the Edinburgh Festival planned for August (tickets for the Book Festival arrived today) and last night I commited to a camping-esque trip in the Highlands in September (never camped before and we’re cheating a bit by hiring a wooden tent-like construction). Can you tell I’m excited about being on holiday?


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