Retro recycling

Quick makeover (6)Ever since I picked up my bargainous 1960s dressing table in a charity shop last year I have been looking for complimentary bedroom furniture, bedside tables, chest of drawers, that sort of thing. Well this week I sorted the bedside tables and it was yet another bargain!

Inspired by Kirstie Allsop’s Channel 4 programme this week, I finally made it over to the Tayside Re-use Centre for a browse.

Quick Makeover (9) I’ve used them before to take furniture away when I’ve been having big clearouts, but I’ve never gone to their premises to look at their stock – I am kicking myself that I haven’t gone sooner! As soon as I walked in I was presented with these….

Quick Makeover (11)They’re perfect and just what I was looking for. I love the tapered legs, which match the dressing table, they have enough storage for essentials, but not enough for the drawers to become a black hole for junk and were the right size. I looked at the label and they were priced at £5 each – I’ve been trying not to spend money since I got back from holiday but this was too good a bargain! They need re-varnished at some point and the handles on the drawers need replaced as one is broken but I love them regardless and will get this done once I have a chest of drawers so that I can get them all revarnished at the same time.

In the meantime, I have put them to work already with a quick makeover.Quick makeover (6)Quick makeover (1) Quick makeover (8)I’ve lined the inside of the drawers with custard cream wrapping paper courtesy of Nikki McWilliams; she makes biscuit-themed home furnishings and stationery, and is based in Dundee, and I urge you to check out her website. Her cushions in particular are amazing, and I saw some stocked in a shop in Brighton so she’s making good inroads across the UK! The drawers are useful for hiding my precious journal, this one is from my favourite Dundee shop The Lovely Things, and some lavender essential oil for when sleep eludes! The Highland Coo coaster is from another fascinating shop called The Cheeky Chair Company and Friends; based in Newport-on-Tay the shop upholsters and repurposes furniture, and also has a beautiful range of gifts including these coasters. The bowl, mug and little picture I had already. The picture was a gift from a Ukranian family and I have been looking for somewhere to display it; there is a story behind it, which I can’t remember but she looks like a guardian angel who’ll be able to keep watch over me when I sleep so I think this is now the perfect spot. I plan to do something with the lampshade but that’s another project further down the line!

Anyway I hope you’re having a good weekend. Yesterday was beautiful up here but the rain has hit today with a vengeance however this is providing me with a good excuse to get some creative projects finished! Every cloud and all that…

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