A little poem to start the day….

Hectic. That’s the word I’d use to describe the next couple of weeks. Good hectic, but could lead to moments of frazzledom. To escape, a cup of redbush tea and a biscuit normally helps. I felt I needed to create something, something quick and effective and enjoyable, so I’ve put together a poem for you.


Black tea,

Green tea,

Scarlet, fiery redbush tea.

Regal, Ceylon

Early Grey.

Tea, tea, tea.

Assam tea,

Souchong tea,

Dreamy, spicy Chai tea.

Vintage, floral


Tea, tea, tea.

White tea,

Gold tea,

Aromatic jasmine tea.

Airy, complex


A cup of tea is braw!

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One thought on “A little poem to start the day….

  1. Very clever, like your cups too. Much more tasteful than my collection 😉

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