Weekend Doodling!

DoodleanimalscollageIt’s a miserable day out there today so perfect for a bit of art and craft relaxation time. I thought I’d get out the sketchpad and black finepoint pen and let my creativity take over!

I started with this….

Doodleanimals (3)….a weird snake-like thing and a bambi/poodle creature. Goodness knows why I was thinking this way but I carried on!Doodleanimals (5)The crocodile came next. I think he looks quite a cheery chap!

Doodleanimals (4)Then the elephant, by which point it was clear that a theme was emerging…

Doodleanimals (1)Finally George the Giraffe! I find it quite difficult to think of things to draw, and even more difficult to try not to have a pre-conceived idea and trust in the unconscious, however I think I should do more of this! I can guarantee that if I had set out to draw elephants and crocodiles from the start they would have looked hopeless!

Anyway I am having a low-key weekend, aided by the weather and not feeling 100% (I don’t think it was the yoga after all, but a viral thingy). I think DVDs, blankets and hot chocolate is called for!

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