National Poetry Day


I’m feeling a bit poorly at the moment – many people I know have been suffering from virulent colds and viruses recently so it was only a matter of time. However I’m due for a holiday soon so I’m choosing to see the positive side in that I should be clear by then! All this means a quick post today. It’s National Poetry Day and so I wanted to share with you this book. Edited by W. N. Herbert and Andy Jackson, it consists of an anthology of poems inspired by the city of Dundee and the surrounding landscape. It’s a fantastic, intriguing collection which includes poems written in previous centuries and also highlights the literary talent which currently exists in the city. If you live in Dundee and haven’t got a copy yet, then do it now, and if you don’t live in the city, then buy it anyway. In the past, Dundee has suffered from a poor reputation as a city, but this book goes a long way to prove that it’s a place which is worth taking the time to get to know!

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