A little bit of time out…

I must apologise for disappearing from blog life for the last couple of weeks! I’ve been on holiday from work this week and the week prior to that I was working hard to ensure that I could properly enjoy my time off, which I did. I’ve been in Oxford visiting my lovely niece and her family.IMG_3630For once, I have spent a holiday doing really very little and I’ve loved every minute of it! This is my last holiday until Christmas so I intended to chill. I had lots of cuddles with my niece, which was fantastatic.

OxfordAut2013 (7)I watched movies and rerun episodes of the West Wing with my sister (I’d forgotten how good that TV series is).

OxfordAut2013 (11)As a thank you for letting me stay for a while, I cooked dinner a couple of times, using a Gordon Ramsay cook book which I will now have to purchase. The weather is truly indicating that autumn is here so the dinners were hearty (meatballs with kale and pine nuts, and slow-cooked, fiery lamb shanks with cous cous, followed by raspberry cheesecake).

OxfordAut2013 (9) OxfordAut2013 (10)I did a very little bit of sightseeing, which is unusual for me because normally I go full-pelt, visiting everything available. On this holiday however I went to the Pitt-Rivers Museum and that was it!
OxfordAut2013 (2)This is an amazing place, which needs to be visited again and again because it contains so many fascinating artefacts to look at. It’s also a museum which is completely contrary to contemporary museum buildings, as the Victorian building is filled with dark, brown glass cases and hand-written labels, as opposed to stark, white walls and artfully displayed objects which is becoming the norm these days. You feel like you have stepped back in time and it’s wonderful!

I got round to doing some much-missed crafting also. These gingerbread men are destined for the Busy Thistle Christmas Card this year….watch this space!

OxfordAut2013 (13)I also went shopping (of course)! My sister, my niece and I headed to Barefoot Books, a beautiful book emporium in North Oxford which has a cafe and sing-a-long sessions for babies and children. Needless to say I spoiled my niece and treated myself to a couple of books too! (The stories from opera book is for me).

OxfordAut2013 (12)I also picked up this gorgeous vintage-esque inspired jumper from Oliver Bonas in the St. Pancras shops before catching the train home.

OxfordAut2013 (16)So now I am home. I loved spending so much time with my niece and her family. The next time I’ll see them is Christmas which seems so far away at the moment, however I suspect it will be upon us before we know it! However the holiday is not over yet so I plan to carry on the relaxation for the next couple of days – have a lovely weekend!

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    Great that you had such a good time in Oxford. Pix are fabulous.


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