Sunrises, sunsets…

This week has been all about the sun. It’s rising late and it’s setting early and it has been putting on a dramatic performance every time it does this! I’ve been doing lots of early morning travel and have often been unable to capture it because I’ve been driving, however I did manage once earlier this week. Take a look:

wpid-IMG_20131125_083846.jpg wpid-IMG_20131125_083932.jpg wpid-IMG_20131125_083923.jpg wpid-IMG_20131125_083945.jpg wpid-IMG_20131125_084026.jpgMornings like this make me feel very glad that I live on the coast! Taking time out to capture some moments like this has been my sanity-provider this week. In a hectic day, what makes you stop and take stock for a moment?

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