Mini break, mega benefits!

I’ve just got back from a short break in Copenhagen for Hogmany. I booked the trip way back in September figuring I may need some time out come the new year; I’m so glad that I had that foresight! It takes me a while to wind down during holidays, and the Christmas one is always a challenge because you have to be ridiculously sociable, eat copious amounts of rich food and drink silly amounts of a wide range of beverages. Along with general fatigue and stress, my body just doesn’t really cope. I also find it difficult to switch off from work. I’m beginning to realise that the best remedy for me is some time out, preferably not in my home town, a nice hotel room and complete control over my own agenda for a couple of days. Being somewhere different, either a busy urban city or rural idyll, inspires me, and because there are no work distractions in the hotel, I don’t feel guilty about afternoon siestas, watching naff TV, reading a good book or generally just staring out the window. Copenhagen fitted the bill perfectly on this occasion.

wpid-DSC_0037.jpgHaving been there before, a couple of years back, I knew what to expect – rain, culture, extortionate bills, dramatic architecture and gorgeous design – but this second trip has made me realise how much more exploring there is still to do. I love this city, and am beginning to think about a third trip…

The weather the first two days was gorgeous but cold. The weather on the last two days was extremely wet and dark. The majority of the photos were therefore taken on the first two days!

During this time I mainly wandered around, from busy thoroughfares to deserted streets and squares, past ancient, gabled buildings and sleek, glass edifices, and ultimately conducting my own personal tour of the Borgen/Killing/The Bridge set!

wpid-DSC_0041.jpg wpid-DSC_0022.jpg wpid-DSC_0019.jpg wpid-DSC_0020.jpg wpid-DSC_0036.jpgwpid-DSC_0039.jpg wpid-DSC_0025.jpg wpid-DSC_0017.jpg wpid-DSC_0038.jpg wpid-DSC_0027.jpgDanish design is simplicity at its best and I lusted over many of the homewares in Illum Borghus, eventually succumbing to a couple of pieces which I’ll show you at a later date! Here is a taster though:

wpid-DSC_0033.jpg wpid-DSC_0031.jpg wpid-DSC_0032.jpg wpid-DSC_0034.jpgI even came across a Mr. Thistle mug which I was tempted to buy for Papa Thistle however the character looked a bit grumpy so I took a photo instead!

wpid-DSC_0035.jpgLego is also big of course but I didn’t buy any. I did however take a photo of the Nyhavn recreated in the famous plastic bricks!

wpid-DSC_0029.jpgAnyway, a couple of days into the trip and I was beginning to feel much more myself. Hogmany, or New Year’s Eve, was spent standing on one of the many bridges in the city, watching fireworks explode across the sky for at least a couple of hours. It was a bit crazy to be honest, as it seems that fireworks can literally be set off by anyone, anywhere, which means that any spare bit of pavement or road can suddenly become a launch site! It felt reckless but a bit exciting, though I was bemused by the local news the next day which consisted of people with numerous injuries being interviewed by reporters, interspersed with local politicians brandishing boxes of fireworks; fireworks are dangerous, the media seemed to be saying and I wonder if they have only just realised that!

Anyway, I am back, feeling rejuvinated and ready for whatever is going to happen next. I don’t have any concrete plans for the coming months and I don’t believe in resolutions. All I aim to do this year is to be as kind to myself and others as much as possible, and when I have some spare cash and some free time, I’ll be heading off on another reviving mini-break!


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