Happy Birthday!

SpringTreesAccording to WordPress, I have been blogging for two years now! Those two years have flown by! I love writing this blog though – it has got more challenging in recent months to keep updating it regularly but I can’t imagine not doing it now! Thank you for all the support you’ve shown – it is very much appreciated!

“But why the trees?” I hear you shout! Well, the weather is getting slightly better and so this week I took a quick half hour walk one afternoon to get some fresh air. I walked past these trees and realised that I have never climbed a tree in my life; I got a bit of an urge to do this, just to see the world from a completely difference perspective….

I was in my work-garb so I didn’t in the end, plus I think the general public might have thought I was a little crazy, but I took a photo of the trees to remind myself that it’s important to look at things from different perspectives whenever possible.

Got me thinking about all the things that we never do, that maybe we should have a go at. I think in terms of tree-adventures these trees are a bit ambitious for a tree-climbing novice, but I am on the lookout for a suitable candidate. Let me know if you find one!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. There used to be one in the grounds of Carnoustie house, somewhere near woodlands caravan park. You could try there?
    Or come visit. There’s an easy one in Burnaby Mountain Park.

  2. happy birthday ;D

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