Art Deco Weekend

Artdeco (4)This weekend had a bit of a theme to it though it wasn’t intended! Basically I was immersed in the 1920s again, and yes, I did have an urge to put those Charleston dancing lessons to good use! On Saturday night I went to see ‘And then there were none’ at Dundee Rep Theatre. Set in the 1920s/30s this Agatha Christie play is a classic murder mystery, though I’m not sure I agree with the ending! Visually it was very appealing, and it is pulling in large audiences every night so if you want to go I’d book a ticket sooner rather than later.

Artdeco (3)

On Sunday, the day of rest was filled with watching Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby on DVD. I saw this at the cinema however I was really tired that day and wasn’t so bowled over with it, however I’m glad I watched it again. It made much more of an impact on me and in a good way. I love the costumes! Still not entirely comfortable with the contemporary soundtrack – I have the CD and think it’s great but I really like music from that period also, so am not entirely convinced that it was necessary to ‘update’ the music.

Anyway, to accompany the viewing, there were nibbles from Marks and Spencer and cocktails…

Artdeco (2) Artdeco (1)…homemade cocktails to be precise, and they were pretty potent. The recipe was based on an Aviation Fizz however we didn’t have all the ingredients so we made it up a bit. The first attempt was a little ropey (too much lemon juice) but it was more fine-tuned on the second attempt. We daren’t do a third attempt as the alcohol had definitely gone to our heads by this point! If you want to recreate it, for two people, you need 75ml gin, 25ml fresh lemon juice, 25ml cherry brandy, and a dash of cherry liquer. Shake them up in a cocktail shaker and pour in to two chilled glasses. Top up each glass with prosecco. Warning – gin and prosecco are a dynamic combination!

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