Seasonal Greetings

I haven’t put up a craft post in a while. In fact I haven’t put many posts up in a while. Life has been hectic and blogging has been a little low on the priorities this year. To fill you in, I sold Busy Thistle Headquarters just before Christmas last year; this week I picked up keys to my new abode. In the intervening months I have been living out of my old bedroom in the family home. Living with the parentals has, on the whole, been good fun, and I’m going to be here a while yet as work gets done to the new place, however I am excited about moving in and having more space again! I’ll put up photos soon, but I thought I’d better fill you in!

Moving house, working full-time, doing a part-time PhD and trying to find time to socialise is a little stressful to say the least! Anyway…I am managing and I have found some time to do a little crafting. I follow a blog called Decorartuk and they recently put up a post to inspire art work with the theme ‘Blue Spring’. I thought I’d give it a go and here’s what I came up with (apologies for poor photo):

Seasoncard (1)Basically I raided the Patient Mama’s paper stash and came across a range of gorgeous origami papers which I thought I could do something with. I didn’t stop there however! I was feeling inspired so thought I’d go with the flow. In the end I came up with the following:

Seasoncard (2)Purple Summer….

Seasoncard (3)Green Autumn…

Seasoncard (4)Red Winter. They’re all greetings cards and I have sent ‘Blue Spring’ to someone already. The others will go out in due course as a little surprise to people who need it! ‘Blue Spring’ is very apt at the moment up here in Scotland, or rather it should be ‘Grey Spring’ as we have not seen the sun for over a week now. Plenty of fog, mist, rain and drizzle; not much fun to be honest though the persistent nature of the weather is quite impressive. Anyway I have a week’s holiday to look forward to! I’m not going away as there’s things to organise with the new headquarters however I do have some treats planned and I am looking forward to just spending time doing some favourite things like reading, crafting and sociailising – in fact I am having a wee housewarming with fizz this afternoon which will be really lovely! Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Seasonal Greetings

  1. Wow! You were busy! I’m really glad to see that you didn’t stop at “Blue Spring”, I especially like your “Red Winter”, just because I think it’s even more unbelievable than spring painted in blue. I love the fact that my post inspired you to create greeting cards that will surprise someone you love – it’s really great that an idea was transformed into something real – an act of kindness! Brilliant, thank you for this. K.

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