Moving-in malarky!


This is the nearest to sanity as it gets in Busy Thistle headquarters at the moment. I finally moved in on Friday night and have been slowly trying to unpack and sort through hundreds of boxes. It’s going to be a while yet till I’m anywhere near sorted however I do keep making progress each day. Yesterday I got the internet installed; I really quite enjoyed only having the radio as my contact with the outside world over the weekend however it was great to have the internet up and running. I coped perfectly well without the internet 15 years ago; it’s so funny how quickly things change and I can’t live without it!

I’m also slowly getting to know my new area. It’s a place I’ve known all my life and have been to many a time, however I’m now viewing it through the lens of ‘home’ and suddenly it feels quite different. It is lovely though. I now live by the sea, and every time I drive home I feel like I’m going on holiday – I hope this feeling lasts. Anyway once I’m a bit more sorted I will post again soon. In the meantime I hope the week is treating you well!

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