Month of Creativity…it’s back!

So I was late in last night (after midnight…very rare these days!), looked at the mobile and it said 1st June. For a moment I thought yesterday was the 1st but then I realised that it is today, but this means that it’s June and it is Month of Creativity!


‘Too many things to do, too little time and no way I can fit this in as well’, was what I was thinking. However I’ve really enjoyed it in the past, and I like setting myself challenges so I am not reneging on this, I am going to do it! I need support though, so please write comments on here, on Facebook, on Twitter (#MOC2014), on Pinterest!

The theme this year is ‘Quick’. I spent a while trying to come up with really clever, inspiring ideas for a theme, but kept coming back to ‘as long as it’s quick’ and I suddenly realised that that was my theme! Quick bursts of creative inspiration are the name of the game this year. So here is my first burst of creative productivity…I’ve been out today training for the moonwalk next week, and was walking along the beach when I saw a tree stump and inspiration struck!

DOC2014#1 (1)I quite enjoyed trying to balance stones on top of each other – not that easy as it turns out! Anyway I took this photo and then I decided to take photos from other angles…

DOC2014#1 (3) DOC2014#1 (4) DOC2014#1It’s like a little monument to the beach. I thought about demolishing it after but then thought I’d leave it; I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow?

Anyway feel free to join me this month – remember the theme is ‘Quick’ so it shouldn’t take up too much time! And as I said before comments of support are always welcome! I think I’m going to have a G&T to celebrate the start #MOC2014!

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  1. Brilliant idea and fantastic pictures.

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