Paper-cutting Capers

On Sunday I went to a craft class at DCA. I haven’t been for a while and it has been ages since I’ve made anything so I was really pleased that I’d signed up for their paper-cutting class. The session passed by really quickly and I came away with lots to show for it! Plus it was lovely to be absorbed in something and not having to think about all the other stuff that seems to absorb my time! First, I made this…

Papercut (1)I am no Rob Ryan however I think this was a pretty good effort and it has now been sent to a dear friend who has just moved in to a new pad in London – can’t wait to see it the next time I am down! In the meantime I thought I would make my presence felt with a bold card! I then spent most of time absorbed on another project, however it is going to be turned into a present for someone who I know reads this blog so no photos for the moment – you’ll just have to wait! By the time I’d finished it there was only 45 minutes left and my hand was tired so I didn’t plan to make much else, however I then was inspired by the blank gift labels…

Papercut (2)Again, pretty simple, however I now think I’m inspired for, dare I say it, Christmas! There is something really satisfying about making creations out of paper and glue – I think I’m going to keep this hobby going for a while! If you’d like to see other paper-cutting creations that I have made in the past take a look at this post and this one!




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