A Break in the Borders

Many of my friends are off to exciting and exotic locations for this October break however I have been unable to do the same for a variety of reasons. A short break away has been needed though so I headed off to the Scottish Borders for a couple of nights. I’ve forgotten how beautiful this part of the world is; in some ways it is very similar to parts of Yorkshire and even Wales, with Victorian-era towns and villages perched within rolling valleys. The influences of religion and industry are also keenly felt.

The trip started however at Abbotsford, the home of Walter Scott. It’s a beautiful place filled with fascinating objects that Walter Scott collected over his lifetime. The building is also set in gorgeous grounds, on the banks of the River Tweed.

Borders2014 (6) Borders2014 (7) Borders2014 (8)The next day started in Melrose, to take a look at one of the famous ruined Abbeys in the area.

Borders2014 (13)
This was followed by a trip to Robert Smail’s Printing Shop, a unique National Trust property which you should visit. It is tiny however the guided visit takes about an hour and a half and is filled with fascinating knowledge and things to do – I even got to print my own bookmark!


The next day we headed to the Main Street Trading Company bookshop in St. Boswells for coffee and a browse. I love this place – it’s the ideal bookshop for me – not too large, but some fascinating titles that you don’t usually get to browse through in larger commercial bookshops. As you can see I bought a few titles to add to the ever-growing book collection!

IMG_5322 Borders2014 (11) Borders2014 (10) Borders2014 (9)After this we started the journey home but stopped off at the National Mining Museum, which I am ashamed to say has been open for thirty years and I have never been to. It gives you a great insight into an important part of Scotland’s industrial heritage, so I would recommend a visit. The effectively abandoned mine is also particularly inspiring for the odd photo!

Borders2014 (17) Borders2014 (16) Borders2014 (15) Borders2014 (1)Anyway, I am back now and definitely feeling the benefit of having been away. I am still technically on holiday for the rest of the week however I have some work to be getting on with. The plan however is to balance this out with catching up with friends, making tasty autumnal dinners and spending time in the spa and gym, which I have just signed up for in a bid to get healthy and relax! Fingers crossed the weather will hold too and I can get out in the fresh air!





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  1. Woo, Mapp and Lucia. A favourite series of books, and soon to be on the TV again – although you cant beat Prunella Scales as Mapp.

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