A busy week…

Aside from work I have actually managed to fit in quite a lot of other things in the last week so I thought I would share!

I found time to read…

MyWeek (6)


I practised my charleston dance moves thanks to a lovely gift from a friend…

MyWeek (1)

I caught up with some dear friends who I haven’t seen in months and drank fizz…

MyWeek (5)

…and made pom-poms.

MyWeek (2) MyWeek (4) MyWeek (3)I found time to do a bit of early planning…

MyWeek (7)

I dashed around in the rain…

MyWeek (8)

…and ambled along in the winter sun.

MyWeek (9)

MyWeek (10) MyWeek (11)Hope you’re having a good week. Not long till the first door on the advent calendar is opened!



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