Things to do – May 2015

The days are longer, which is lovely, however unfortunately the weather up here on the North East coast of Scotland is still decidedly chilly and damp. However spring is here and summer is just around the corner. The increased levels of daylight make me feel less like hibernating and more like getting out and doing things. Here’s May’s list!

1) Cook something fresh and green – I bought courgettes and leeks this week. They looked glorious in the frying pan and tasted even better in the cheesy pasta bake!

May (1) May (2)

2) Support a local festival – Dundee is a university city and this means that May is the month of the Art Degree show. In the last couple of years local creative organisations have been slowly building an arts and creativity festival around this called Ignite. The programme this year is the fullest yet with plenty of things to do to fill the weekends. I’ll definitely be heading to the DJCAD degree show, visiting the latest fashion-themed exhibition at DCA and maybe try to get to a lecture by Julian Bird talking about British theatre.

3) Dig out some music from your past – I’m trying to curb the spending of money so rather than purchase some new music, I thought I would dig out some CDs from the past. I am doing a lot of travelling at the moment and so the Shine 7 album is my car soundtrack of the moment, taking me right back to my student days – the 90s was a grungy and earnest decade!

May (3)

4) Wear some summer sandals, when the weather permits – it’s been ages since new summer shoes were purchased so I treated myself last month. The red shoes were a purchase of a couple of years ago and I have only worn them twice because they looked so pretty. This year I plan to just wear – what’s the point of keeping them in a box!

May (4)

5) Stationery, stationery, stationery – treat yourself to a new notebook or get creative and perk up a basic notebook with some washi tape. This can make a lovely gift!

May (5)

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