Holiday Souvenirs

Souvenirs (1)

I was sorting through my holiday purchases from Lisbon and realised that I have developed some holiday spending habits so I thought I would share them! These habits have developed so that I stop spending money on lots of useless stuff and concentrate on things that I will keep, cherish and use, so first up, I normally try to buy something for the home which I know I will use on a regular basis. Sometimes this means a deliberately tacky tea towel (I think I surpassed myself this year with the cockerel but I couldn’t help myself as we had a number of these in permanent residency outside the holiday flat we were in). In the photo above there are also coasters from MOMA in New York, some Royal Danish Copenhagen mugs (about the only thing I could afford to buy in Denmark) and some cava/wine glasses bought in the La Pedrera gift shop in Barcelona and I think they are at least 10 years old if not more (I carted 2 set of six glasses home in my case that holiday – they are very lucky to have survived this long)!

Souvenirs (2)

Partly for educational purposes and also because I love children’s books I try to pick up a book in the language of the country that I am in, so I have a Charlie and Lola book in Hungarian, a Jill Murphy book in Danish, Maisie Mouse in Italian and the Gruffalo in Portuguese.Souvenirs (3)

Finally I try to bring home a small work of art or a piece of jewellery, something nice to look at or wear. Souvenirs (4)

This was my recent Lisbon purchase; I don’t really need a reminder of the steep hills however I thought this print captured the spirit of the place brilliantly!Souvenirs (5)

I bought this in Vancouver in the Museum of Anthropology which was one of my favourite places when I was over there.Souvenirs (6)

And finally this one, a gift from my mum to mark our family holiday in Haworth; the image has been made from maps of the area which is lovely!

So that’s what I tend to spend my holiday pennies on, aside from food and drink! It’s a little habit that I have developed over the years but I like that I have things that I can appreciate on a daily basis, and every one of them has a fond memory attached when I look at them. I’d love to hear if anybody else does this sort of thing. What’s your favourite holiday souvenir?

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