Silent Sunday 2016

Well, it’s been so miserable up here today that I have no photo for you as there was literally no light with which to take it! It’s not an inspiring start to the new year. I had all these plans for new year, new beginnings but already I can feel the enthusiasm flagging and then I read two things today which really sealed the deal; a magazine article and ‘Reasons for Staying Alive’ by Matt Haig.

The magazine was a Scandi special which is right up my street and in it there was an article about how we are too hard on ourselves in the UK in January and that we should do what the Scandinavians do, which is hunker down, eat cake, drink coffee and wine, get fresh air as much as possible, socialise and delight in blankets, candles and good books – basically embrace hygge. Looking out the window at the moment, I think we don’t have much option but to embrace this, so I’m not going to worry too much if the new food/exercise regime doesn’t happen in January! Apparently we’ll all be happier for it! Also I started regularly going to the gym in October and have not got the bug, so maybe October is the new January!

I then started reading Matt Haig’s book which is basically focused on his experiences of depression and anxiety which is very serious however it is written in such a way that you are left feeling that there is always something worth living for. I think there is something in this book for everyone, whether you’ve experienced depression directly, or supported someone through the experience, or know nothing about it and want to know more. In between short chapters Matt writes lists and poems; things that make him feel bad and things that make him feel better. This inspired me to write my own list of things which make me feel good and then I thought I  would end with some of my favourite photos from 2015!

So…5 things which make me feel good:

  • Time with family and especially Skype chats with my niece – they tend not to be very long and I often have no clue what we’re chatting about but I always have a smile on my face afterwards!
  • Endless cups of Redbush tea – can’t live without the stuff and I swear it staves off colds (famous last words).
  • Beaches in all weathers.
  • Long coffee and/or spa sessions with good friends – the perfect antidote to everyday stresses.
  • Reading – particularly finding time to get lost in a good book!


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