A girl’s day out…ideal escapism!

There’s an article in the Guardian today concerning the negative impact of Mindfulness on wellbeing. It’s an interesting read as I must admit to having tried it on a number of occasions and found it to be frustrating and unhelpful at times. The article claims that by focusing solely on you and your thoughts you can end up releasing emotions that you had previously dealt with so that rather than becoming relaxed you become more anxious and analytical of life. It confirms what I was beginning to think…avoid deep thought and find things to do which distract you and halt the negative cycle of thoughts that can churn around in your head when you’re tired and stressed. Yesterday was a great example of distraction technique – a girly day out of shopping, eating, chatting and culture. It was just what I was needing after a couple of long working weeks!

My friend and I headed up to Aberdeen for the day, primarily to see Cinderella by the Scottish Ballet, but we also fitted in some retail therapy! For a day out I tend to head to Edinburgh or Glasgow but yesterday I caught the train to Aberdeen; I really must head up there more often as the train journey is spectacular and you arrive straight into Union Square which is ideal for food and shops!

Ballet_Jan16 (1)

It was Orla’s first day out since I very kindly was given her as a birthday present at the end of last year so I took a photo…as you do….I love this bag!Ballet_Jan16 (2)

Anyway, upon arrival in Aberdeen there was coffee to be drunk, shops to be shopped and drinks and food to be consumed! I hadn’t intended on purchasing much but…

Ballet_Jan16 (5)

In the afternoon we headed over to His Majesty’s Theatre for the matinee of Cinderella.

Ballet_Jan16 (4)

It was gorgeous and made me realise that I do not go to the ballet enough. The dancing was impressive and I really enjoyed listening to the music; the orchestra were in top form and Prokofiev perfectly captures the spirit of the fairytale. Finally the costumes and sets…oh my…the glitter, the glamour, the sparkle. the elegance – it was a visual feast!

I’d started the day feeling quite tense, struggling to relax, however by the end of the day I was happy and chilled! I don’t think I would have achieved that if I had sat on my sofa listening to someone telling me to focus in on my body and acknowledge my thoughts so…I’m forgetting the mindfulness!

I thought I’d finish on this photo which was captured in one of the shops…here’s hoping…

Ballet_Jan16 (3)

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