Edinburgh Escape 2016

I’ve just got back from an overnight visit to Edinburgh; very relaxing but bloomin’ freezing! This was the view from the petrol station as I filled up the car yesterday before setting out…

Edin_Jan16 (2)

The journey through was a little hairy and I was beginning to wish I’d brought the snowboots however it wasn’t so bad in Edinburgh…that was until I parked the car and opened the door, when I was greeted with a gust of biting wind. It was the sort of wind where it wouldn’t have mattered how many layers I was wearing, it would still get through to your bones. Brrr….

Anyway, it didn’t stop me taking a look round some more of my favourite shops, including Anthropologie. I rarely buy anything here because it is too expensive but I love the creative displays!

I did however pick up a cosy, soft, fine knit hoodie in White Stuff…a response to the weather I think!

Edin_Jan16 (7)

In the evening I saw The Devil Inside, a new opera from Scottish Opera which is about to begin a tour of England. It was super though a bit creepy. The libretto was written by the author Louise Welsh and is based on a Robert Louis Stevenson short story called The Bottle Imp. It’s had great reviews and I can see why. Some might find the music quite challenging but the pace of the story combined with a short running time means that the audience’s attention is captured from start to finish. Also, it was a great opportunity to visit the King’s Theatre and admire the John Byrne ceiling…

Edin_Jan16 (6)


The next day I visited the Dean Gallery to see the exhibition ‘Modern Scottish Women: Painters and Sculptors 1885-1965’.

Edin_Jan16 (8)

It was a superb exhibition but unfortunately photography was not allowed and neither the catalogue nor the selection of postcards contained the ones I really liked. However I bought an exhibition poster because it was this portrait by Dorothy Johnson and there were a couple of her works that I thought were gorgeous. I want to find out more about her so I can feel an Amazon order developing!

Finally I journeyed home. Loch Leven looked serene from the motorway so I took a short detour to get a photo. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an ideal place to capture it which didn’t involve trekking through mud for ages so I did my best. This photo gives you a flavour of the stillness of the loch with the snowy hills in the background.

Edin_Jan16 (1)

Anyway, home now and contemplating the week ahead. I’m really glad that January has come to an end as it’s not been an easy month for anyone I don’t think! There are also a few lovely things to look forward to in February. Hope you have a good week and thank you for reading!


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