Taking a line for a walk…

I’m immersed in drawing at the moment. I needed an escape from work and the PhD for a couple of hours a week which wasn’t going to require lots of commitment. So I hit upon a drawing and painting class and I’m really glad I did. They are the quickest and most enjoyable couple of hours in a week where I get completely immersed in paper, pencils and pens. We started with basics….

Then I went to see the drawing exhibition that is on at the McManus Galleries last week, ‘Taking a line for a Walk’…

Draw (1)

It is super, and extensive, and requires a number of repeat visits!

I was so inspired by what can be achieved with basic, inexpensive tools. My preference was actually for the monochrome efforts, mainly because you could see the lines so clearly but also because they were not reliant on colour capturing the viewer’s attention.

I also remembered that I had a book which consisted of drawings of the buildings of New York which is such a lovely coffee table book:

Anyway, all of this means that at the class last week I decided to be a bit more ambitious and decided to draw this…

Draw (23)

Needless to say, I gave myself quite a challenge to complete in two hours! There’s still work to be done on it, and I need to try and not get distracted by the details first but I think this is not a bad attempt (apologies for the ghost drawing but the lines are faint for a reason)!

Draw (24)Draw (25)

Anyway, the actual process of drawing is what I find so relaxing because I have to look, concentrate and create, and in order to do this well, I have to focus. I find it quite tricky at the start of the session because my head is still in the day that has just been but by the end of the two hours I have put distance between that and my drawing and I feel a lot better. It’s my latest relaxation tool and, I agree with Henry…I love it!

Draw (12)

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