Madrid 2016 – Part 2

It’s over a month since I got back from Madrid and it is dawning on me that that week was probably the only one this year that I will get to wear sun dresses and eat outside in the basking heat. Hilariously the postcards that I sent have only just begun to trickle through to people here in the UK so goodness knows where they’ve been for the last wee while. In fact, there’s a creative writing opportunity in that idea I think!

Anyway, here are some more photos. They are a bit more random and arty-farty but it has been nice looking back through the photos again. It really is a city that I would like to get back to sometime soon!

First up, some more photos of the architecture. I love wandering around cities and experiencing the different styles of architecture that reveal the history of a place.

Madrid2016 (9)Madrid2016 (46)Madrid2016 (60)Madrid2016 (64)Madrid2016 (65)Madrid2016 (151)

The outdoor spaces in Madrid are pretty special too. The Retiro Park is a real highlight, particularly the bubbly trees, but it is also worth visiting the Botanic Garden nearby. It is extensive and beautiful, composed of themed square gardens reminiscent of Elizabethan garden design.

Madrid2016 (229)Madrid2016 (99)

We also took a trip out to Toledo. This is a place I knew very little about but actually you could easily spend a few days there. The noticeable thing was how quiet it was in comparison to the busy streets of Madrid, and they take siesta time very seriously so it meant that we had the city to ourselves in the afternoon; only tourists are mad enough to walk around in the afternoon summer heat!

Madrid2016 (161)Madrid2016 (180)Madrid2016 (155)Madrid2016 (158)Madrid2016 (166)Madrid2016 (176)Madrid2016 (213)

Finally there was the food which was lovely! So…I leave you with a picture of the best churros…ever!

Madrid2016 (87)

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