Clutter, clutter, clutter


I’ve been on a bit of a mission recently, namely getting rid of clutter. When I moved two years ago I had to clear out a lot of junk to make the flat look presentable for selling, and even once I moved I had boxes and boxes of stuff to unpack. At the time I felt like I had loads of space but the book piles are increasing along with lots of other stuff. My recent decluttering spree was inspired by this very kind gift of a money plant. If you know anything about feng shui, then the placement of the money plant can be key to good fortune. I didn’t know anything about feng shui before I got this plant, but started doing some reading to see where it should be placed and ended up sending piles of clutter off to the charity shop as well.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I make of feng shui but the advice regarding clear space struck a chord and I started to view my home through a different light. At the weekend I filled 7 reusable shopping bags with books, one bag with clothes and a crate of objects which really have lost their way. It resulted in clearing a tiny fraction of space but I did feel better for it. So I am continuing the trend. I’m also trying to curb my spending, mainly on books, but struggling with this one a bit. If you have any tips, let me know please!

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