Small pleasures #31

Gosh it’s my last one – that was quick! Today I managed to make a return trip from Dundee to Chelmsford for a meeting – quite surreal. The return flight was delayed which meant much hanging about Stansted and trying not to spend money but I had to eat…so my small pleasure was food from Leon. Leon is a ‘healthy’ fast food chain predominantly based in London; to my knowledge it hasn’t reached Scotland yet which I love because it becomes a proper treat!

There were other small pleasures today such as purchasing a £15 quilted jacket from primark for the return flight because I was so cold on the way down and it turning out to be a brilliant cosy layer that packs away into a wee pouch. Got it in black, and if I can find it up here, I’ll be buying it navy too!

I also got plenty of time to just sit and read which was also lovely. So, the outcome of this expediment was that I am surrounded by small pleasures everyday and noticing them has lifted my spirits in what is normally a pretty bleak month! I hope you’ve enjoyed following this month’s posts as much as I have enjoyed sharing them!

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